1. Use of this website

    1. FlytoDestinations UK (“us” or “we” or “FlytoDestinations”), through the provision of an online service which enables the user (“You”) to connect with third party travel product and service providers and use FlytoDestinations to facilitate the purchase of said products and services. The website FlytoDestinations provides is a free service to you, and provides quotes for products and services, where the quote equals the sum total of the price FlytoDestinations obtains from third parties and the FlytoDestinations service fee.
    2. This website is available for your free use subject to these terms and conditions. When You make a purchase on the website or use this website in any way, You accept these terms and conditions.
    3. The use of this website is strictly for personal and non-commercial use. This website shall only be used by individuals or corporations acting on their own behalf (i.e. entirely for their own personal use). The use of this site by an individual or corporation not acting on their own behalf is prohibited and shall be interpreted by FlytoDestinations as a breach of any agreement thereby voiding any guarantee warranty, indemnity or otherwise. This site is intended for adults over the age of 18. With the exclusion of travel insurance products, no individual under the age of 18 shall purchase products using this website.
    4. Individuals and corporations shall not use the website in the following ways:
      1. In any unlawful or fraudulent manner.
      2. In any way that is interpreted by us as constituting defamatory, intimidatory, abusive or threatening behaviour.
      3. To tamper with, alter, modify, copy or in any other way reverse engineer this website.
      4. To act in any way which does, or has the potential to do, harm or damage to our system, or in any way which interferes with or disrupts our technical systems.
      5. To use any automated process, software, bot, mining tool, trawler, dox spammer, screen scraper, or other malware program while using the website.
    5. You may operate a web link to the FlytoDestinations UK website, under the condition that any operation of the link does not damage the company’s reputation as concluded by the company. You shall not operate the link in any way that implies to others any relationship, association or other affiliation with FlytoDestinations UK. You shall not operate a link in any unfair or illegal manner, as determined by us. FlytoDestinations UK reserves all rights to demand the immediate removal of any links that breach the above stipulations at any time.
  2. Intellectual Property Protections

    1. The entire contents of this Website, including, but not limited to: trademarks, texts, logos, graphics, icons, images and software, is owned entirely by FlytoDestinations UK Ltd or its associated content providers. This content is protected by national and international intellectual property laws. The compilation of all content and all software on the FlytoDestinations Website is the exclusive property of FlytoDestinations and is protected by intellectual property laws. Any other use of the content onthis website other than as expressly permitted is prohibited. In particular, any use of Website content outside the website is strictly prohibited.
  3. Terms of purchase

    1. FlytoDestinations UK, through the operation of its Website, offers a method for individuals and companies to connect with third party travel product and service providers, thereby facilitating the purchase between You and the third party. A PURCHASE ON THIS WEBSITE SHALL BE CONSIDERED ANY ORDER FOR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES MADE WITH AN OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE, AS CONFIRMED BY FlytoDestinations UK.
    2. FlytoDestinations merely acts as an intermediary in the process of purchasing the airfare from the travel provider. As such, there may be terms and conditions that are specific to your air fare, and they will be extraneous to the terms contained herein. An example of such terms is a non-changeable and non-refundable ticket, or the airline making schedule changes, or the airline cancelling confirmed bookings. FlytoDestinations, as an intermediary, is therefore not responsible for such changes, cancellations or associated rights exercised by the airline. However, FlytoDestinations will endeavour to provide reasonable assistance through the customer service centre.
    3. The purchase of a travel service or product via the Website creates and formalizes a contractual agreement between You (the client) and the third party company providing the travel products services. FlytoDestinations DOES NOT ENTER INTO THE CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP relating to the specified travel services purchased unless expressly indicated to the contrary. As such, any purchase on the website shall create a binding agreement between you and the service provider, and notbetween you and FlytoDestinations UK. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not party to the contractual relationship that arises upon the purchase of a travel service through the Website, unless expressly indicated to the contrary.
      1. All inquiries associated with the travel service must therefore be directed to the relevant travel Provider. The term “travel provider” shall mean airlines, holiday package suppliers, insurance providers, car rental companies, hotels, tour operators, as well as other travel ticket providers such as travel websites and third party companies.
    4. FlytoDestinations endeavours to support and assist your purchase of travel services, intervening on your behalf for the ordering of the travel services directly or indirectly with the Travel Provider. This Agreement is therefore SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE RELEVANT TRAVEL PROVIDER, who is thereby entitled to limit, exclude or otherwise vary their liability. You must contact the travel provider directly in order to ascertain their terms and conditions, in particular the specific terms relating to cancellations, refunds and the associated fees.
    5. By using this Website to purchase travel services, You hereby authorise FlytoDestinations UK to act as your representative during the ordering process from the corresponding Travel Provider/s, as well as for the payment of these services on your behalf, in order to ensure that the transaction between You and your Travel Provider/s is carried out correctly.
    6. Upon the placement of an order for a travel service by us, you will have a contract for this intermediary service between you and us. This contract is distinct and separate from your agreement with the travel service supplier. As such, FlytoDestinations will charge a customer service fee corresponding to the travel servicepurchased, this shall be viewable as either a “Travel Booking Service” charge o another similarly titled fee corr sponding with the type of purchase made. You shal have all necessary financial information on the full and final cost of the service before starting your purchase with an obligation to pay. Please note that there are additional payment terms and conditions located at Section 10.
    7. The full and final price of the travel product or service You select will be made available to you after FlytoDestinations UK confirms the price with the relevant travel service or product provider. Please note, the final price may differ from the price observed on the website, and in this case FlytoDestinations will ask You to confirm the final price via email prior to the processing of your credit card. Prices are displayed with daily calculated exchange rates, and therefore can vary in accordance with fluctuations in the exchange rate. When you start a purchase, the relevant exchange rate shall be fixed irrespective of whether the exchange rate changes by the time you complete the purchase.
    8. Once the initial ticket booking process is completed, You will receive a notification on the website screen, informing you of the processing status of the product you selected.
    9. Upon completing the credit card details form and clicking the 'Complete Booking Request' button on the website, a webpage will appear indicating to You the 'Customer Reference Number' and informing you to wait for confirmation of your booking, FlytoDestinations will then contact You through phone or e-mail with the correct and confirmed price details of the product. You will then accept or reject the offered price via e-mail, and the payment will be processed. Upon processing, You will receive the tickets and confirmation via e-mail.
    10. Currency exchange rates are established by FlytoDestinations UK Ltd.
    11. Our obligation to process your purchase is subject to payment having been made in full.
    12. Any other use of the content on this website other than as expressly authorised is strictly prohibited.
  4. Confirmation Process

    After successfully ordering your travel service, you shall receive a confirmation email which shall act as a contractual document. The first confirmation email will contain the details of the products or services you requested. We shall then confirm that your purchase has been entered correctly in the system of the corresponding Travel Provider and that your payment can be processed.

    1. Upon confirmation of all relevant details, you shall receive a second email, within an estimated period of one (1) business day after the first email, confirming your purchase has been successfully processed.
    2. Low-cost airline flights
      1. Your contract will be with the relevant low-cost airline, subject to the terms and conditions of the low-cost airline. These can be viewed before You complete your booking, by clicking on the Terms and Conditions link, upon request from our call centres and after booking on your confirmation email or on the corresponding low–cost airline’s website.
      2. Please note that low-cost airlines may depart from smaller, regional and/or secondary airports. The airport is always displayed before the purchase in flight details section
  5. Limitation of liability

    1. FlytoDestinations offers you the use of this Website ‘as is’ and represents to exercise reasonable care and skill in respect of the maintenance and functioning of the Website.
    2. We make no guarantee with regard to technical faults, service issues, or that the Website system will function at all times.
    3. We publish, on our website, information regarding different travel products and services offered by third party companies, and as such we make no representations or guarantees as to the truthfulness, reliability, accuracy, completeness and updating of any data contained in any travel service offering. Some information is stored in cache form, and may only be verified with real time correct information at the time of booking confirmation.
    4. FlytoDestinations hereby limits its liability in accordance with current applicable legal standards, including legislation and particularly in terms of the regulation of travel agencies. FlytoDestinations ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND THETRAVEL SERVICE PROVIDER in relation to any product or service purchased through the FlytoDestinations UK website.
    5. This clause shall operate as a Force Majeur, such that in as far as conditions including, but not limited to, political economic or other disorder affecting the order arise, FlytoDestinations shall be exempt from any derived legal responsibility arising from any deficiencies or non compliance. For the avoidance of doubt, difficulties posed by force majeur conditions shall be excluded from FlytoDestinations liability.
    6. FlytoDestinations makes no warranty or representation that any Product and/or any service we provide is available or otherwise appropriate for use outside of the UK. If you choose to use the Site from locations outside the UK, you do so at your sole risk and you are responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws.
    7. FlytoDestinations acts on the assumption that all information provided by You is exact and true, and will not be held liable if your electronic ticket does not arrive at your allocated email inbox due to a mistake in spelling the email address, or if the ticket goes into the Spam folder. YOU MUST NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY OF ANY CHANGED DETAILS INCLUDING PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS. You must ensure that the name you use on the ticket booking matches your government issued passport.
  6. Disclaimer

    1. In relation to the optional requests (i.e. meals, disabled facilities, child seats, etc) relating to any travel service purchased through thee FlytoDestinations Website, we represent to you that FlytoDestinations does not guarantee any such request and solely refers these requests to the corresponding travel service provider. It isyour responsibility to contact your travel service provider to confirm that any specia requests can or are to be fulfilled. Additionally, any optional or special request concerning flight purchases have the capacity to c use delay in the issuing of you flight ticket with a consequent associated increased risk of the flight increasing th ticket price or of no tickets being available when the travel service provider processes the request.
    2. FlytoDestinations UK reserves all rights to cancel your purchase if we have reasonable belief that the purchase is fraudulent. In this event, we shall endeavour to contact you through the details you used on the Website, and in the event we are unable to contact you or your bank the order will be cancelled automatically.
    3. FlytoDestinations UK reserves the right, both on its own behalf as well as on behalf of the Travel Provider/s to only offer “e-tickets”, confirmations, e-vouchers and other travel documents to the billing address of your bank card or to the email when requested by the card issuer. All email addresses used must be validated at the moment of making the booking.
  7. Refund Policy

    1. FlytoDestinations UK issues refunds using the payment method that was used by You at the time of ordering the relevant travel product or service and will be made to the individual or corporation that made the original payment.
    2. For the avoidance of all doubt, please note that in the process of refunding a flight booking, note that not all elements that constitute the price of the ticket are refundable. Any refund, even when booked through FlytoDestinations, is processedin accordance with the associated refund policies of the Travel Provider/s concerned.
    3. Non-refundable tickets
      1. In the event of having purchased a non-refundable, non-changeable flight ticket and not being able to use the ticket, we would like to inform You that You may claim a refund for certain price elements charged at the time of purchase.
    4. FlytoDestinations falls into a exempt category for the ATOL scheme. Accordingly, we do not guarantee or represent that any product or service purchased through FlytoDestinations will be eligible for the aforementioned protections. For the avoidance of doubt, no services booked by FlytoDestinations are protected by the ATOL scheme. [SEE SECTION 11 FOR ATOL PROTECTIONS AND ASSOCIATED EXEMPTIONS]
    5. For more information on refunds, please see our refund policy.
  8. Travelling Minors

    Between the ages of 5 and under 12:

    1. These individuals may not travel alone. However, certain airlines provide a special assistance and accompanying service for passengers between the ages of 12 and 17. Under 18s may not be responsible for another minor. This is an additional service, and as such may be subject to an additional charge and must be requested prior to confirming the booking.
    2. Some jurisdictions require all minors travelling to provide a valid birth certificate. It is your responsibility to find this information. Minors may travel unaccompanied as long as the airline provides this service. Please note thatmany airlines that have regulations as to age limits and fares, it is therefore advisable to check the terms and conditions prior to booking.
    3. Internet bookings for unaccompanied minors are not permitted; these may only be made through our Customer Service call centre. Please note that, as a general rule, low cost airlines do not accept unaccompanied minors.
  9. Terms of cancellation, change and modification

    1. Cancellations and Changes

      1. The ability to modify, change or otherwise alter a travel product or service booked through this FlytoDestinations, will depend on the terms and conditions of the relevant Travel Provider as well as as the type of fare selected, and any optional requests.
      2. As such, FlytoDestinations UK may not be able to cancel or modify the products or services requested, or the change may not be available to due other requirements.
      3. In the event You decide to make any modifications, change or other alteration to your purchase through FlytoDestinations UK, an administration fee will be charged of THIRTY FIVE POUNDS (£35) per person AND per flight cancelled and or modified. For the avoidance of doubt, flights with the “Free rebooking” label are exempt from this fee.
      4. These fees do not include taxes or additional charges charged directly by your relevant travel provider, including any associated difference in airfare rate caused by time differences or any other reason. Please note by making amodification or change, that the current price does not have any relation to the cost of making the change.
      5. Please note, that airlines reserve the right to charge fees for extra services associated with the flight. These services may include, but are not limited to services such as checked baggage, airport check-in, preferred seating allocation, in-flight entertainment (subject to availability), food and drink, snacks, etc.
      6. Any and all charges for these additional services are NOT included in the price of the ticket unless EXPLICITLY provided otherwise. These fees must be paid directly to the airline. FlytoDestinations bears no responsibility for any additional costs incurred for additional services, and we strongly urge you to contact the relevant travel provider and request any additional services.
      7. Changes of name
        1. Changes of passengers’ names and/or surnames are not generally permitted. In most cases it will be necessary to cancel the booking and make a new one with the correct passenger information.
        2. If your flight is operated by a Low Cost airline, You must consult the particular terms and conditions of the airline and present your cancellation request directly to the company, as FlytoDestinations cannot administer Low Cost airline tickets.
    2. Purchase of flight tickets

      1. In the case where Your travel journey is made up of more than one journey and more than a single base air fare, it is possible that more than a single set of fare rules may apply. When this occurs, please note that the more restrictive of the fare rules shall be used. It is your responsibility to read and familiariseyourself with all relevant fare terms and conditions relating to all parts of your journey.
      2. If changes or cancellations are permitted, these can be made effective ONLY BY CALLING FlytoDestinations BY PHONE.
      3. Please note that for return tickets, a failure to appear for the outbound flight may result in the cancellation of the return ticket.
      4. Changes and cancellations cannot be made via email. You may ONLY contact FlytoDestinations service centre by phone.
    3. Purchase of hotel bookings

      1. Please note that it is your responsibility to check that any modified booking does not conflict with any other travel product or service You have purchased. The specific Hotel terms and conditions for changes and cancellations will be available on the Website during the booking process or will be made available by prior written request to our Customer Service Centre.
    4. Purchase of Car Rentals

      1. Please note that a failure to cancel a car rental booking prior to the allocated pick-up time or a failure to comply with pick-up terms, car rental providers reserve the right to require a ‘no-show’ charge totalling up to the total amount of the vehicle rental price. The relevant terms and conditions for cancellations and/or modifications will be available to view through a link on the Website or by prior written request to our Customer Service centre.
  10. Payment terms

    1. The total, final and complete price of your purchase along with the corresponding breakdown, including the FlytoDestinations UK service fees will be shown once You have selected all the services You intend to purchase before the actual purchase process begins.
    2. The said price will include the price of all of the products or services selected and the FlytoDestinations UK service fees. As expressed above, the service fees charged by FlytoDestinations are separate from the ticket, and are paid for the provision of searching, comparing and assistance services during the ordering process. As such, ALL SERVICE FEES CHARGED BY FlytoDestinations ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
    3. The service fees will vary according to the services selected, and additional charges may apply if the purchase is made by phone. Additionally, extra service fees may be added if changes or refunds are requested.
    4. If a credit card is used for a purchase is declined by the bank for any reason, FlytoDestinations shall charge a service fee of up to ten (10) Pounds and will send you instructions via e-mail on how to make the purchase effective. This service fee is refundable, and will be refunded upon completion of a successful purchase and will be deducted from the final cost.
    5. In relation to the use of credit cards without funds, please note to that due to the nature of travel products generally, the cost of your products or services may incur a price change at the time of purchase and settlement of the full amount, therefore You must accept the updated price at the moment of making the payment.
    6. Please note that some airlines charge for flights directly. In the case of any problem with payment You will be contacted by us within forty-eight (48) hours from your purchase (or within twenty-four (24) hours if You are travelling within forty eight (48) hours).
    7. You shall be held responsible for any associated increase in ticket price which occurs before your purchase has been confirmed. Additionally, payments to FlytoDestinations and the Travel Provider will be separate on your credit card bill. for the avoidance of doubt, TWO SEPARATE CHARGES SHALL APPEAR ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT, SHOWING ONE FEE FOR FlytoDestinations, AND ANOTHER FOR THE TRAVEL PRODUCT SELECTED.
    8. No other payment methods other than the ones listed on the Website are accepted. Payment methods other than those listed will not be accepted and FlytoDestinations takes no responsibility for cash or cheques sent via mail. Full payment is required at the time of booking.
    9. Your credit card information shall not be saved in our systems beyond the point of processing payment for your purchase, and as appropriate, for processing claims for refunds. We will therefore share your credit card information with the travel provider, and this information will be encrypted in a secure server for maximum security. You hereby authorise FlytoDestinations UK to use your credit card information in the manner described above in order to (i) purchase travel services and process payments with travel providers, (ii) the payment of any insurance premiums and associated products, (iii) to process any refunds or associated claims.
    10. FlytoDestinations UK reserves the right to claim from You any amount incurred due to rejected or payments through your bank or credit card issuing institution.Additionally, if a third party’s bank, credit or debit card is used, we may require written authorisation from the listed card holder.
    11. FlytoDestinations UK strives to maximise transaction security and therefore engages in various checks to ensure transactions are not fraudulent. Please note, these checks are only carried out during our standard office hours. therefore, all purchases made outside of our office hours cannot be issued until the following working day. As such, we cannot ensure the availability of the products or services and/or the price you have found until the purchase is duly processed. Also note that You shall be responsible for costs and expenses incurred by yourself in connection with the sending of proof of address by fax or post, ordering of a bank transfer and/or any action required by FlytoDestinations UK to be able to process your purchase.
    12. Subject to our approval, you may be able to pay by bank transfer, or by invoicing, or by any means we make explicitly available to you before payment. In the case of a bank transfer, we enforce the condition that the transfer is made by the holder of a bank account in the same country where the booking is made. In this situation, please allow for at least seven (7) working days between the date of purchase and the date of departure. In the event a payment is rejected or for any other reason attributable to you, FlytoDestinations will charge a service fee of ten (10) pounds and will give instructions on how to complete payment and make the purchase effective. This charge is non-refundable.
  11. ATOL Exemption

    1. FlytoDestinations UK is exempt from the ATOL scheme. FlytoDestinations does not provide flights or travel services departing from, or arriving to UK airports as per ATOL exemption rules located in paragraphs (2) and (3) of Regulation 11 of The Civil Aviation Regulations 2012. Pursuant to the exemption rule, we expressly notify you that THIS SALE IS NOT PROTECTED UNDER THE ATOL SCHEME. This will be stated in your confirmation email, invoices and receipts.
  12. Visa/Health Requirements Terms

    1. It is your responsibility to check with the relevant embassy regarding the particular passport and visa requirements in advance of your travel, to hold a valid passport and where required, a visa. FlytoDestinations accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever if your travel documents are incorrect.
    2. Each destination has unique requirements regarding health, including vaccinations, which may vary pursuant to the nationality of the individual travelling. FlytoDestinations will in no way be held liable for any damages however incurred for incidents resulting from travellers being unaware of these requirements.
    3. FlytoDestinations shall not be held liable or responsible if a customer or any individual on your booking is denied boarding on the flight, deported from a country, or is otherwise charged or fined due to their inability to comply with the relevant Travel Provider’s rules. FlytoDestinations shall similarly not be held liable or responsible for a failure to cooperate with governmental rules and regulations. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all health, visa, and other governmental rules and regulations, including at transit points.
  13. Electronic Tickets

    1. FlytoDestinations solely provides electronic tickets. This is a paperless system of issuing airline tickets. FlytoDestinations will send a confirmation email with all the details of your purchase once the purchase has been processed. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER TICKET PRIOR TO YOUR FLIGHT.
    2. It is your responsibility to know the precise rules and regulations of the corresponding Travel Provider regarding the use of electronic tickets. FlytoDestinations recommends carrying a printed version of the electronic ticket. FlytoDestinations shall not be held liable for you or any individual on your booking not complying with the regulations of each airline concerning paperless tickets. Please note that some airlines charge extra fees if You fail to print a physical version of the electronic ticket. Please note that You may be required to check-in again and reprint your boarding pass if there is a change to your flight or passenger details.
    3. Please note, that in rare situations, FlytoDestinations may not be able to transmit information regarding your confirmed booking to the airline for its formalisation. In this event, we will attempt to contact you within forty eight (48) hours after the confirmation and issue a refund, or alternatively offer you a new booking.
    4. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL DETAILS PROVIDED TO FlytoDestinations ARE ACCURATE AND TO NOTIFY FlytoDestinations OF ANY INACCURACIES WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT. If errors for which you hold FlytoDestinations responsible occur after this time, FlytoDestinations will not be held liable for any damages or associated costs resulting from correcting the errors.
  14. Travel insurance

    1. FlytoDestinations recommends all customers to take out travel insurance, particularly in instances where the Travel Provider has no liability or reduced liability. The decision to take out an insurance policy through the FlytoDestinations Website in fact creates an Agreement solely between you and the insurance company, rather than with FlytoDestinations. The terms and conditions of the policy will be available for viewing prior to commencing the booking process.
  15. Other terms and conditions.

    1. Under EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004, You may have rights against the relevant airline in the event that your flight is cancelled, delayed or You are denied boarding.
    2. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact the Customer Service Centre. If the complaint relates directly to a Travel Provider, please commence the complaint procedure with the relevant airline or travel service provider and start the procedure before your return.
    3. Baggage Allowance:

      1. Please note, it is your responsibility to check your baggage allowance by going to the corresponding airlines website. If your itinerary includes more than a single route, you may have different baggage check in allowances on each flight.
      2. This can be the case when flying with the same airline, as such, you may be charged for any luggage weighing in excess of the lower limit on the flight which has the lower limit.
    4. If your on-flight behavior is deemed inappropriate and/or as causing offence, damage to other, damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our associated Travel Providers reserve the right to cancel your booking, in which case any responsibility held by us and our Travel Provider ceases immediately, and you will not be eligible for any refunds, compensatory payments or reimbursement of expenses incurred by you as a result. Moreover, you will be required to indemnify us for all expenses however so incurred as a direct or indirect result of such termination. Should your behavior result in the plane being diverted, you and all members of your booking party will be held both jointly and severally liable for all costs incurred as a result of the diversion of the airplane. Such actions can also allow the airline to refuse to board you on the return journey. FlytoDestinations does not accept any liability or responsibility for the accommodation, flights, or behavior of others in a situation where the aforementioned occurs.
    5. Combination Flights

      1. FlytoDestinations may, in some instances, combine multiple one way fares on different or the same airline. FlytoDestinations does this in order to provide special return fares, and would mean that You will receive two separate bookings (1 for the inbound, 1 for the outbound) and each booking may have its own corresponding unique fare rules. It may be possible to keep one booking and cancel another in the event you need to cancel one of the flights, without incurring additional chargesor fees. Any modifications, changes, cancellations, etc shall not affect the other flight, and the associated fare rules of the remaining flight will still apply.
      2. This can be the case when flying with the same airline, as such, you may be charged for any luggage weighing in excess of the lower limit on the flight which has the lower limit.
  16. Rights Reserved

    1. FlytoDestinations reserves the right to modify, update, change or otherwise vary these terms and conditions at any moment and without prior notice. The current version of the terms will be available on the website when the aforementioned changes come into effect. It is your responsibility to consult the terms and conditions prior to each purchase, as the terms may have changed. You shall not transfer or assign any of your obligations under this Agreement without prior written consent of FlytoDestinations. We may transfer or assign any rights, obligations or liabilities under this Agreement without your prior written consent.
  17. Governing Law

    1. These terms and conditions, as well as any relationship between FlytoDestinations and You, shall be governed exclusively by the laws of England and Wales. You hereby accept and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in all disputes arising out of this Agreement or relating to the use of the FlytoDestinations Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you will be afforded the consumer protections of your country of residence, and you may bring legal proceedings in respect the applicable laws in the courts of the country in which you reside.

Annex of Terms: Additional Terms relating to flights.

  1. Check-in:

    1. The recommended minimum check in time for international flights is 120 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. For domestic flights, the recommended minimum time to arrive is 90 minutes before departure.
    2. Please note, some airlines/airports may require additional time. Airlines will require you to confirm your return flight booking at least 72 hours before your travel on a return ticket. Failure to confirm the return journey directly with the associated airline may result in the cancellation of your ticket.
    3. We highly recommend you to check in with enough time to arrange any special requests. Please note that FlytoDestinations has no control over the allocation of seating, notwithstanding if they are previously reserved with the airline. Moreover, FlytoDestinations cannot guarantee that the specific seats and additional services requested will be available for you upon departure.
  2. Transfers:

    1. FlytoDestinations bears no liability or responsibility for any cost, however so incurred, for transfers between airports or terminals.
  3. Stop Overs:

    1. Some itineraries may require a change of plane en route. A flight described as direct is when there is no need to change planes during the trip. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there could be stops en route to refuel or drop off/collect passengers.
    2. The details of stopovers will be provided during the booking process and will be identified both on the Website and on your travel itinerary, which will be sent to you via email.
  4. Time:

    1. FlytoDestinations provides no guarantee whatsoever that scheduled transport will depart at the time stated on any itinerary or tickets. All timings are merely estimates, and FlytoDestinations shall have no liability to You for any delay or cost which may arise from any potential schedule alterations.
    2. If you are notified of any change to your travel arrangements directly by the relevant Travel Provider(s), it is your responsibility to act upon this information and update Us if the change will impact any other part of your travel arrangements.